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Custom Topsheet ImageIf there are no issues with your graphics file, then the turn-around time to ship is about 3 days from receipt of your graphic.  Also, please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions while prepping your graphic.
       Graphic uploads occur after completion of your purchase, or at your convenience using our graphics upload page.
       Your custom topsheet graphic will be dye-sublimated on glossy white, press-ready topsheet material that is industry standard.

We require that you incorporate the 7B logo into your design.  Failure to brand your custom graphic with the 7B logo could slow the turnaround of your order.  Please use the following logo (click to download):

.PNG (129.8k)

topsheet samples topsheet angle view1topsheet angle 2topsheet angle 3

upload topsheet

Upload / Mail:   After completing your payment, you may continue from this page to upload your graphic file directly to our server.  Skis are much larger than a letter-size sheet of paper or photograph, and, accordingly, high resolution graphics files large enough to cover the top of a pair of skis will be quite large, even at 300 dpi.  You may compose your graphic at much higher resolutions, but a 170cm x 25 cm image at 1200 dpi could easily reach gigabytes in size.  With files so large, upload transfers may take some time, even with a fast connection.  If you prefer, you may send a CD-R or DVD+/-R by traditional mail, instead.

For traditional mail, indicate during checkout that you will send your graphic on a CD.  After completing your purchase, send your file to:

707 Valarie Rd.
Ridgecrest, CA


color space:

DPI (dots per inch):


image / sizing:


All graphics will be converted to CMYK before printing.  If you edit in a different color mode, such as RGB or indexed color, then fully saturated colors may get clipped before printing.  This is due to the difference between the display range of computer monitors and real world color range of printer inks.

200dpi, at least.  Lower resolutions will look fuzzy.  Higher resolutions may take a long time or fail to upload.
300 dpi or greater recommended.  Resolution on vector graphics files may not matter.

JPG, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD, PDF, ZIP.   You may use an archive application like Winrar, 7zip, or Winzip to compress large, uncompressed files such as files in .tif, and .psd formats.  This will reduce upload time.

At 300 dpi, an example image size for skis 170 cm. long would be 21023 px x 3898px.  We usually print our ski topsheet orders 33 cm wide with two skis parallel to one another, 4 cm apart.  To help you configure your layout, here are some sample 170 cm., 300 dpi snow-ski templates in adobe illustrator (.ai) format and a simple ".gif" image:
ILLUSTRATOR SNOW SKI TEMPLATE (109kb)        .GIF SNOW SKI TEMPLATE (6mb)      When you create your topsheet image, please keep the template imagery separate from the final image you send to us.  Put the template graphics on a separate layer, or else fill it over completely.  You don't want the template outline or masks actually printing onto your skis.  Also, be certain to fill the template all the way to the rectangular document bounds (full bleed).  If you only fill the outline of the skis' footprint, then the surrounding white space might end up on your finished skis.

good method

bad method

image editors: To prepare an original design, you will need an image or layout editor such as Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Gimp, or Coreldraw.  Gimp is a free, open source image editor similar to Photoshop.  It is available for free download at Image Perparation: Regarding the image itself, any range of colors and any design content is acceptable.  Any number of colors is okay.  While we cannot guarantee exactly hitting pantone colors, we usually get pretty close.  All graphics will be converted to CMYK before printing.  If you flatten your ".psd" layers it will reduce file size, thereby decreasing upload time.  However, it is important that you delete any template mask or outline layers before you flatten.  It is a good idea to remove these layers, regardless, because it wil also decrease your upload time.  Vector based art is acceptable, as long as it arrives a format we can open and process.  Vector based art is not required.
     We print topsheet graphics with a wide format, dye-sublimation printer followed by heat press transfer to the topsheet material.

The printed graphic will shrink during the transfer process.
Design elements intended to match the edges of the skis will be problematic.

     Plan your graphic accordingly.  Design elements intended to match the edges of the skis will be problematic.  For example, designing a border to run a 2 cm. wide ring along the perimeter of your skis will probably turn out poorly.  Plan any text or signage to layout an adequate distance from the edges of the skis.  Otherwise, the shrinkage of the heat transfer may cause the text or signage to get clipped off the side of the skis.  We'll try to review your graphic and advise you of any such oversights.
     Typically, expect a 2-3cm. contraction in the length of your rectangular design artboard, and a .5cm shrink in the width.  We recommend designing your graphic 8 cm. longer than your ski length, and 4 cm. wider than the combined width of both skis.

template illustration

     Complex, detailed graphics prepared at a resolution less than 100 dpi (dots per inch) may turn out looking fuzzy or dull.  We recommend a target resolution of at least 300 dpi for photographic or complex imagery.  Also, if you send a ".jpg" file or ".tiff" file with jpeg compression, beware of setting a compression quality too low.   Excessive compression will pixelate the image with odd-looking artifacts.
     However, a 300 dpi image of this size is a really big file.  Don't be surprised if 300dpi brings even a fast machine to a screaming halt.
Hard Copy Conversions: Do you have actual artwork, postcards, photographs or other hard copies you would like printed onto a pair of skis?  Such documents must be digitized by scanning or digital photography.  Most copy centers, such as Fedex-Kinkos, can perform scanning services.  Digital photography of 2d images is more challenging.  While CODA's graphic artists may perform these services, we may also refuse to assume responsibility for the original artwork and documents.  These orders will also have a greater turnaround time.   If digitizing your hard copy presents a time consuming challenge, then a surcharge may apply in addition to the charge of safely transporting your hard copies to us.   Contact us to inquire about hard copy conversions.

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